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What is Tenkara

Jason Klass

Well if you haven’t heard about Tenkara, it is all the rage with backpackers now.  The reason is that it is the perfect fly fishing system for people who want to keep their weight down.   It doesn’t require a reel and it folds up into itself and assembles super-fast.  Jason Klass created a TenkaraTalk, a blog site dedicated to the topic earlier this season.  Brian Green also has a fantastic post on Tenkara if you want learn more about it.

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  1. Jason Wyatt October 18, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    Love this. I started Tenkara fishing about a year ago to add to my backpacking trips. My entire setup (pole, flies, fly box, line, clippers, forceps) weighs in at 10 ounces, and I could probably cut that down a bit. What’s even better is how easy it was to learn, even though I’d never tried fly fishing before.

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