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What to put in a Daypack


What you carry in your day pack can be haphazard at best.  Here is a well thought out post by Don Meredith, one of our Trail Ambassadors.  He has a list along with some reasoning on what to carry on any day hike out in the wilderness.  After all, you never quite know if something is going to come up and you will need it.

Update: Article expired

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  1. John Abela September 26, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Hey GG!

    I had never actually put together my day hike weight… so thanks for posting this!

    Looks like my day-hike setup is: 9.875 ounces [0.038 lb / 17.49g] for BPW – and 3.64 pounds FSO.

    Clearly different set of goals and safety factors involved in how Don and I go about day hikes – which is part of the awesome aspects of hiking! Though I am not really sure why anybody would need 5 zip-tie-outs for a day hike… a person could carry 30 feet of cordage (even heavy and strong Dyneema cordage) – and it would weigh less and provide countless more uses.

    How about you Glenn, what is your day hike weight these days? Gotta be down close or lighter than mine!!

    John B. Abela

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