Yosemite 2011 with Russ from Trail Designs

Dave and Michael from Gossamer Gear took a trip out to Yosemite to test gear and to be with our friend Russ from Trail Designs.  We started our hike at Tuolomne Meadows and went along Lyell Canyon for the first day.  Then we turned up and went to Vogelsang for the next night with a sweet spot on Vogelsang Lake.  We then dropped over to Booth lake and set up camp and did a nice day hike  down to Emeric Lake.  We scooted on out the last day and headed back into town catch a good meal.

We all were using our Sidewinder Ti-Tri stove systems with Evernew Pots.  The combination of three fuels allowed us to cook in all conditions and not worry about having to take a bunch of fuel with us.  We cooked with wood below the fire line and then a combination of alcohol or esbit above.  We also tested out some products that we are looking to carry at Gossamer Gear, along with just getting some good trail time with our Gorillas, Ones and LT4s.

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