San Rafael Wilderness Hike with the G5

Rik Christensen has been a customer since the early GVP Gear days, and owns a staggering number of Gossamer Gear packs, including a silnylon G5 with over 5000 miles on it. Rik is a gear tinkerer and a gear inventor in his own right. He recognized Paul Cronshaw’s pack as a G5 one day when he passed him on the trails behind his house, and the two became fast friends. The two of them invited Glen up for a romp, along with Jake, a recent convert to ultralight by Rik.

The artic air mass promised cool temps, though it ended up not quite getting down to single digits as Rik had suggested it might. The first night, it was so cold that water taken from a stream in liquid form for dinner, was slush with a crust on it by the time we got it to camp 5 minutes later.

Glen’s Gear List
Paul’s Gear List

Please lighten your load responsibly. Never take less gear than required for your particular trip, experience level, and travel group. These are all (well, except Jake, and he’s catching on fast) experienced ultralight backpackers.

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