Big Bend 2006

With the impending move of Gossamer Gear operations to Austin, Texas, Glen decided it would be a good time to check out the operations center, meet the new employees, and have some face time with the new President Grant Sible. And what better way to spend time strategizing, than on a backpacking trip? Grant and Glen were joined by one of the new equity partners who flew in for the trip (Hiker X).

The trip got off to a rocky start when Glen’s sleeping bag didn’t show up, but luckily a local Gossamer Gear customer was able to lend Glen a bag from one of his collection. No rain was projected for the trip dates in Big Bend, and the temperatures were anticipated to be relatively balmy (by Big Bend standards, not San Diego guidelines), ranging from the 30’s at night to the 80’s by day. There were be no reliable water sources along our 35-mile route, and the elevation gain would be signficant, up to the south rim, down to the desert, then back up to the trailhead.

Glen’s Gear List at Big Bend

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