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How much fuel is in that can


From JJ Mathes Post from JERMMs Outside:

I spent a weekend with four traditional backpackers in the woods of North Georgia. I planned for this trip to be an outdoor classroom, no PowerPoint, no whiteboards, no charts, but all hands on. I asked everyone to bring everything they thought they would need and want to be comfortable and learn techniques to lighten their pack weights. 

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  1. John August 23, 2015 at 12:37 pm #

    Most of our cooking involves boiling water on high flame so we think of number of liters we can still boil from a partially used can. Before going, get a new canister and measure how many liters of water your can will last e.g. 6 liters. Then on your cans that are going place a piece of masking tape on outside of can that is marked along length from 1 to 6. After each liter is heated, tear off one section of tape. Remaining number tells about how many liters the remaining gas will boil.
    Alternate is to do for number minutes on high flame (instead of liters) which is probably more accurate, but is easy to mis-estimate time when cooking.

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