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Sliding at Night


If you have an inflatable sleep pad and use a tent with a silnylon or other slick floor then you’ve probably experienced the midnight crawl. Waking up during the night only to find yourself crammed against the foot or side of your tent. You reposition your pad go back to sleep…2:37A wake up…reposition…4:19A wake up…reposition…this goes on all night. No wonder you don’t get a good nights sleep when you go backpacking, you’re up repositioning your pad a.k.a. the midnight crawl.

One Response to Sliding at Night

  1. Don Burton February 5, 2015 at 1:39 pm #

    This works well but you don’t explain how to use the silicon to keep from sliding. It may seem obvious to the writer but not to readers. I had to look around the web to figure it out. I love the GG blog but this type of assuming happens quite often. Did I miss something?

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