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Gossamer Gear is dedicated to designing gear as light as functionally possible. Which means we use lightweight materials. Which also means we lose some strength and durability—the lighter a piece of gear, the less weight it can handle. It’s up to you, the user, to determine if an item of gear will serve your intended purposes. Please remember that equipment as lightweight as ours will not be able to stand up to the same use and/or abuse as gear that weighs more.
We warranty the products we sell to be free from manufacturing defects.

Gossamer Gear does not, however, warranty products against materials or fabric failure due to durability issues.

If you cannot accept the limitations of the lighter materials used in our products, please do not purchase them or return them upon receipt in accordance with our return policy.
Other manufacturer’s products may have additional coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty, which you can find on the product information pages.

Lightrek Trekking Poles

Our Lightrek Trekking Poles are the perfect balance of weight and strength for people who are extremely committed to having the lightest weight equipment. Because our poles are a fraction of the weight of most poles, they are not considered heavier poles, so you may have to replace the poles more often than heavier poles.

Our hiking poles, like any, are prone to breakage if the tip gets lodged between rocks and you lever them forward or fall directly on them. Hopefully this isn’t something you ever experience, but, for this reason, we recommend keeping the trekking baskets installed at all times to help prevent the tip from getting caught in tight spots where breakage is likely. Please note that breakage of the pole is not considered a manufacturing defect and that the carbon fiber tubing that makes up the Lightrek line is NOT UNDER WARRANTY. For those of you who enjoy extreme activities where support from a sturdier pole is necessary, we recommend using a brand with stronger poles to keep you safe in your trekking.

Product Trademarks

SleepLight, NightLight, ThinLight, SitLight, Spinnsheet, Spinnshelter, SpinnTwinn, Lightrek, The One, Gorilla, Mariposa, Riksak, Bigbag, Bearister, Kumo, Whisper and Murmur are trademarks of Gossamer Gear LLC.

Evazote is a trademark of Zotefoams, Plc. — Z-Lite and Thermarest are trademarks of Cascade Designs, Inc.


Our hiking gear is designed to be extremely light and, therefore, used in the hands of experienced backpackers. Please be cautious as you gain experience and take your experience level (and that of your fellow hikers) into account when planning trips.

Please also remember that you are relying on your experience when you decide to take less equipment, less durable equipment, and lighter equipment, each of which involves increased risk. When you lighten your pack, you are essentially trading experience. Never take less equipment or lighter equipment than you need to be safe for a particular trip and always keep in mind your given experience level with the route, the weather, your gear and your party. We like you and want you to be safe always.

Backpacking involves serious dangers or injury, death, impairment of one’s self to others, or damage or destruction of property. By use of the website, buyer assumes all risk of lose and injury and warrants that he or she will defend, indemnify, and hold sellers harmless. Buyer represent that no reliance is made upon any act or conduct of the seller. No warranties, express or implied, are made than information contained on this site is accurate or reliable. More detail in the Terms and Conditions page.

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