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gossamer gear frequently asked questions


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gossamer gear frequently asked questions



Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Looking to purchase an Gossamer Gear pack but need some help? Did you get a new pack but aren’t sure about some features? You’ve made it to to the right place! Our FAQ page will help you with your pre-purchase questions and make the most out of your hiking pack.



fit an ultralight backpack

How do I properly size myself for a pack?

Before you purchase a Gossamer Gear pack, it is important to find the correct size backpack for you. This can be done by measuring your torso length as well as your hips. You can see the size parameters for the pack you are interested in purchasing in the ‘additional info’ tab. You can read our article for tips on sizing a pack.

We try and make our size charts as accurate as possible but everyone’s anatomy is slightly different. You can always purchase and return an unused item within 30 days for a full refund of the product cost. You can do so by visiting our returns page.

Another great resource for learning about our gear and trying on packs are our Trail Ambassadors.
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gossamer gear return policy

What if I need to return an outdoor gear item or exchange it?

You can always purchase and return an unused item within 30 days for a full refund of the product cost.

Once we receive the returned item you will be send an email with your refund information. Your refund is cleared within 1-5 business days depending on your financial institution. Your refund is made directly to the same card the purchase was made from.


Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. We do not store any credit card information for you security.
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gossamer gear shipping

How do I know when my new gear purchase has been shipped?

You will receive an email from us after an order is made. Please check your spam folder if you do not see an email. You can always log into your Gossamer Gear account to see the tracking information.


Do you ship your hiking gear internationally?

Yes! We use USPS Priority Mail International or FedEx for all purchases that need to be shipped outside the U.S. You are responsible for all duties and taxes. Read more on our Shipping page!


When will my new order be shipped?

Almost all orders placed before 12pm Central Time Monday-Friday ship the same day. Most orders over $19.99 are sent via USPS Priority mail. All purchases ship from Austin Texas (zip code 78744). You can estimate shipping at USPS before ordering.


What about shipping trekking poles?

We ship our ultralight carbon trekking poles FedEx ground from zip code 78744 if you would like to estimate delivery time.


I need my outdoor gear really soon! Can you send it within two days or overnight?

We sure can! If you chose 2 day or overnight shipping your package will be sent via FedEx.(unless you request USPS for a POBox)
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gossamer gear faq

Can I place a custom made gear order?

Sorry, but we do not take custom orders or offer any modifications to our gear.


What are those extra lower clips for on select backpacks?

Those lower buckles clip together for a lower chest strap that will help women who have trouble clipping the main sternum strap over their chest. It can also be clipped for an extra secure method when traversing rough terrain. You can easily remove these straps if you do not need them.


Do you make women’s backpacks?

Yes, we make unisex backpacks that are awesome for women. Our women’s (unisex) approved packs have narrow and curvy shoulder straps to fit most body types. These backpacks were designed by and for women, to fit their needs. Shhh, don’t tell the men!


Do bear canisters fit inside your ultralight and lightweight packs?

The Mariposa and Gorilla both have enough volume. All bear canisters fit vertically in the Mariposa Lightweight Pack or Gorilla Ultralight Backpack. Some smaller ones like the ultralight Bare Boxer and the Bear Vault 450 will fit horizontally in those two packs as well as inside our other backpacks.


What is the temperature rating for your closed cell foam?

We have not determined a R Value or temperature rating for the closed cell foam, of our ultralight sleeping pads due to its variable density. Many of our customers use them for winter camping in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. Going out in bad weather? Learn how to prepare for hiking in the rain!


What size backpack will fit my kid?

Our smaller models work well as a kid’s backpack! The key to a proper fitting youth pack is a shortened torso design, shoulder straps that cinch tight and a well fitted hipbelt. We have customers that use many of our small volume daypacks for their kids as overnight backpacks, and the parents just then carry the bulky outdoor gear.


When is your next hiking gear sale?

We have a couple site-wide and item specific sales on occasion. We announce all sales through our customer newsletter. You can also randomly check our Clearance tab for any discounted outdoor gear.


Can I replace the Sitlight with a sleeping pad?

A Thermarest Z Rest can be but down to 8 sections or 40” and fit our medium and large volume packs wonderfully. Our ultralight sleeping pads can also fit as well, in select backpacks.


I just received my Mariposa Lightweight Pack, but I am not sure how to set it up.

We are in the process of updating our website and videos but please email us with any questions or check out youtube!


I need to get my ultralight backpack repaired. Who do I send it to?

All repairs are handled by our third party seamstress. You can contact her directly to receive a quote and shipping instructions at


How do I clean my ultralight backpack?

You can soak the pack in the tub with some Mirazyme Stink Remover for a few hours and then let it air dry (Detailed instructions will be on the package).
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gossamer gear trekking pole faq

My LT4 Hiking Poles are Not Locking Properly

If it is difficult to get the trekking pole to lock during cold mornings, you can always start the rubber piece off a little by turning the brass down to fatten up the rubber piece before inserting the tip section.

Another important tip is to always wipe the the the pole clean and let it dry after use. If you find the inside of the carbon pole is full of grime, you can clean it with a gun cleaning kit pole and pad. You can clean off the locking mechanism with rubbing alcohol and insert it after slightly tightening it ahead of time.

Your locking mechanism is warranted for the life of the product so please feel free to send it in for repair if needed. Repairs typically take as little as two business days. Address is located on our Returns page.


I have an older set of hiking poles. Is there a quick fix for the locking mechanism if I’m having issues?

For the older locking mechanisms, scraping the rubber with a sharp blade will revitalize the rubber.


What are your ultralight trekking pole handles made of?

The LT4 handles are EVA molded foam.


How do I replace LT4 trekking pole tips?

To replace our hiking pole tips the best way is to wrap the pole in towel, place in a squeeze vise and then tap the tips off with a hammer and pry bar.

You can also carefully try the edge of a utility knife and slice(carve) the tip away without cutting into the carbon and then pull it off.

Never twist them off as that will break the carbon. To attach the new tips use can use a dab of Superglue or similar Cyanoacrylate adhesive and tap it on the floor or table to seat it.

If you would rather have Gossamer Gear replace them for you this can be done in two business days. To replace the grips we take a sharp utility knife and slice down the grip being careful not to hit the carbon fiber. We then peel off the grip and clean off the pole by lightly scraping/sanding off the old adhesive. We then install the new handle by dabbing a very small amount of  ‘Gorilla Glue’ (adhesive) inside the new grip and slide it on with great downward force.


How do I know what length LT3 trekking poles I need?

This document can help you find your measurement for the LT3 poles.
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about gossamer gear



How long has Gossamer Gear been in business? Where are you located?

Glen Van Peski founded Gossamer Gear in 1998 in an effort to create lightweight hiking gear for use with his oldest son, Brian, in Boy Scouts. In 2005 the company expanded and moved to Austin and Grant Sible took over the helm as president and is in charge of operations, development, customer service, finance and whatever else needs to be done. Glen continues to be heavily involved in new product development and overall direction of the company. Read more about us!


Have more questions? Please contact us!


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