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Shelter Update from Grant

Unfortunately, the most recent lot of our spinnaker fabric has failed our quality inspection. Due to this we will be unable to start production on the Squall Classics and will soon be out of all other spinnaker products. We want to be clear, we have not sold or made any product using sub-standard material so rest assured that existing products are OK.

We now have to take some time to see if our spinnaker supplier will be able to rectify this problem. Our main concern, as always, is to provide the highest quality goods to our customers. Although it pains me to say so we will not be making any more shelters until we either resolve this fabric issue or source a better one. My apologies to everyone who is negatively affected by this.

Happy Trails,

2 Responses to Shelter Update from Grant

  1. Kevin Cody April 21, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    So I’m hoping that in the future however you will be making “The One” again once you get the spinnaker issue solved? I just don’t have the money for the tent right now and I know you have a limited supply left.


    Kevin Cody

  2. Paul Bucca May 5, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    Tell Kevin to save his money now-you simply cant beat the “The One”! Just got off a 350 mile CDT hike through the NM desert. Winds were scathing-up to 60 mph-but the tent held up fine. Its ability to flex was key in its superior performance.
    Paul, Boise, ID

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