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Philmont 2010

Dave went to Philmont as a guest of the Philmont Staff Association.  Philmont is a Boy Scout paradise where 22,000 Boy Scouts visit every year.  At any one day in the summer over 3,600 boy scouts and advisors are in the backcountry visiting one of dozens of camps.   Some of the camps are staffed and include virtually every activity one can imagine.  Just to name a few there is fly fishing, mining, forging, spar pole climing, black powder rifle shooting, axe throwing, and horseback riding.  We helped lighten the crew load by taking two prototype Lodges, one prototype Cuben Twinn, a SpinnTwinn, and some lightweight bear ropes.  This trek was a trip down memory lane for Dave as he took his son to Philmont in 2006.  You can see some pictures from this trip here.  Philmont here's to thee...

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  1. Rick Blair August 5, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    Thanks to Dave my pack weighed 25-35lbs on the 5 day Philmont trek. I used the the Spinn Twinn tent, and extreme lightweight ground cloth which weigh about 1.5 lb.The tent worked well even in the 24hr. flood on the first day. The treking poles were very light and comfortable to use as well. This light weight gear made the trek just that much more enjoyable.

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