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Earl Campbell uses LT3 Trek poles

NFL Hall-of-Famer and legendary running back Earl Campbell with his custom Gossamer Gear Lightrek3 trekking poles.  Living in Austin has its perks.  Grant ran into Earl Campbell at a restaurant a few months back.  Like some other folks that need an aid to get around town, Earl was using a cane.  Grant offered to make […]

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Water bottle quick draw

Recently Gossamer Gear Chairman and Founder, Glen Van Pesky, created a great video for those that need a pointer on the ‘one handed grab’.  That is, pulling one’s water bottle out of a side pocket on a Gossamer Gear pack. Here in the video Glen shows step-by-step how to draw and replace your water bottle […]

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Lightweight Backpacking Talk Tonight

If you are in the Boston area, Philip Werner is giving a talk entitled Intro to Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking.  It will be at the Appalacian Mountain Club headquarters in downtown Boston.  Grant will be there so drop by and say hi!   Update:  Offer Expired Last updated:14th April, 2015

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Explore Nira with the Beeman

Recently Trail Ambassador Paul Beeman hiked the Nira to Nira loop via the Fall Canyon Trail in a clockwise direction. Here a little recap in his own words- “We hiked to SouthFork and on up to Mission Pine Basin via the Fall Canyon Trail. With only a day to hike out, we made the 20 […]

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Blood and Failure

Our hearts and prayers go out to Trail Ambassador Martin Rye, who recently on a trek known as the Cumbria Way charity walk had a fall and cut his head badly.  Martin was able however to recount the entire story, and a big pat on the back for having the courage to write about it […]

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Homemade Tent Stake Peg Pusher

For those interested in learning about how to make your own tent stake ‘peg pusher.’ Recently Facebook follower William Wellman created a post on our FB site about how to design your own stake peg pusher. As he describes in his post, the ‘pusher’ is made from a PVC 1/2″ “T” and it will push […]

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Spring Hike in Norway

Joe Newton, our Trail Ambassador in Norway took his first hike of the spring.  We like how he defines it being the first hike because it was without skis!  Nothing slows Joe down and he has some really nice shots of his hike.  He was in a section just 30 minutes south east of the […]

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Great Outdoor Quotes

We at Gossamer  love contests, and earlier this spring T.A. Jason Klass created a great contest on his website looking for the greatest outdoor quote.  The winner was selected in a random drawing of all those that entered.  The winner of the contest received a free gift package from Gossamer Gear, including one Thinlight 3/8″ […]

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