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July Newsletter backpack winner

John Goodman is the winner of the backpack of his choice.  He was one of many that submitted a tip as requested from our July Newsletter.  We drew his name out of an Ultralight Pot as seen below.  Please take a moment to subscribe to our newsletter, if you haven’t already, so that you too […]

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Nimblewill Nomad back at the Triple O’s

We just heard that Nimblewill Nomad’s attempt of the triple O’s was temporarily interrupted.  The Triple Os are the Ozark Trail, the Ozark Highland Trail, and the Ouachita Trail.  It seems that he broke his leg but he was just given a clean bill of health.  We are glad to hear he he healed so […]

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Ultralight Family Gathering at OR 2011

One of the things we like most about what we do is that we enjoy being part of a cottage community.  So while we may all appear to be competitors, we are actually good friends behind the scene.  We have worked at it over the years, know that we all need to be part of […]

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Rattlesnakes and Philmont

Philmont is the high adventure backpacking camp that all Boys Scouts aspire to go to.  We liked the picture of the overstuffed Mariposa™ Plus.  For those of you that have been to Philmont, we think you can identify with that.  They really pour on the bulk foods and group gear.  Well it was nice to […]

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Glen goes to Weminuche

Glen has always loved hiking in high country, and likes learning new things about ultralight backpacking, so he jumped at the chance to go backpacking with Will Rietveld, a Senior Editor for BackpackingLight. After some emails back and forth, Will set an ambitious route he had tried once before but had to abort because of […]

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Gossamer Gear Goes to OR 2011

Grant, Glen and Michael from Gossamer Gear will be attending OR this year.  They will be staying at a house nearby with a cast of characters from the cottage industry.  Among them will be Tomo from Hiker Depot, Russ Zandbergen and Rand Lindsly from Trails Designs, Ron Moak and his son from Six Moons Designs, […]

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Wonderland Trail Conditions

Check out this video shot less than a couple weeks back that illustrate the conditions on the Wonderland Trail this year.  The snow is high this year, so high that it is causing some doubt in hikers as to whether it can even be hiked.  But Steve Burgess has put together this amazing piece of […]

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What’s in my Pack by Glen

Recently in 2011 Gossamer Gear founder Glen Van Pesky created a great Vimeo video about how to pack well for the trail. This is a great video to check for anyone, whether you are a skilled hiker or a beginner. Thank you again Glen for all of your amazing insights into your ultralight backpack. Check […]

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