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Guide to Backpacking in the Rain

If you’re interested in backpacking in the rain, here are some expert tips for getting started and even tweaking your current setup. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are backpacking in the rain for any amount of time, you will get wet—what can be controlled, however, is how you handle it […]

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Determine How Long to Hike a Mile

How long does it take to hike a mile? While there are many variables involved, it takes the average person 30 minutes to hike a mile on gentle terrain. It is important to know your pace compared to an average hiker when planning a hike. This way you know approximately how long it will take […]

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Heather “Anish” Anderson FKT Gear List

Here is the basic gear list for my 2015 Appalachian Trail FKT Thru-hike. While this list contains ultralight gear and clothing it does not include food. My overall base weight hovered around 9 lbs, give or take things like how many batteries I was carrying or later in the hike when I threw away one […]

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Living Off the Grid and In the Moment

  High on a ridge, with a view of the Pacific transcending and the Santa Lucia Mountains ascending from the horizon, my other half and I settle. We have called Big Sur, California home for the past few years and, during that time, have learned a lot about what it takes to live in this […]

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Simply Start Lightweight Backpacking

Do you dream of hiking down the trail with less effort? Has backpacking been more of a task than a joy? Are you a beginner to hiking? Anyone can be a lightweight backpacker if they put the effort in and do some research before they make gear purchases. There are many benefits to lightweight (ultralight) […]

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A Desert Rat in the Rainforest

In September, I was preparing for a trip to Olympic National Park in Washington State, known for its rainforests and glaciated peaks. A landscape that couldn’t be more different than my usual backpacking territory of Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Instead of rattlesnakes and heatstroke, I’d have to mind the mountain goats and hypothermia. It […]

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Anish Sets Appalachian Trail Self Supported (FKT) Record

Brand Ambassador Heather “Anish” Anderson sets a new self-supported speed record on the Appalachian Trail with her Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack! She finished the 2,189.2 mile Appalachian Trail in 54 days, 7 hours, and 48 minutes. She hiked Southbound and averaged about 42 miles a day over the course of the trail. Hiking long days, often […]

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Choosing our Backpack for a Hike

NOTE: PAGE UPDATE IN PROGRESS – REFER TO PRODUCT PAGE FOR CORRECT SPECS   Deciding on the best Gossamer Gear lightweight backpack for your time in the backcountry can be a daunting task. When purchasing a new backpack, think about the types of trips you will be taking. Whether it’s high mileage backpacking trips, weekend […]

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