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The Dyneema Kumo

The Kumo SuperLight backpack is for those who want a durable smaller volume frameless pack that is appropriate for a variety of uses.  It is a Murmur gone rugged and is constructed out of our all new 140d Dyneema GGridstop™.   The Kumo™ was named in honor of our great friends and customers in Japan as well as to describe the pack itself.  Kumo™ is Japanese for “Cloud”, and can also mean “Spider”.

dyneema kumo

Constructed largely of our custom 140d dyneema GGridstop™ nylon on the Murmur platform it is more durable and has added features. The features include a zippered top pocket, a 1.5″ webbing belt, a full hydration sleeve, a new compression/lashing system, and a new sternum strap assembly.  Unlike the Murmur the Kumo™ will be available in two sizes, medium and soon in large.  Weighing in at 14.5oz, the Kumo™ is designed for a wide range of activities including backpacking, travel, day hiking and would also make an excellent summit pack. A tough little pack with a rich feature set at home on the trail, the Camino de Santiago or in an airport.


Update:  We no longer supply the Dyneema pack – Please see the updated Kumo Superlight Pack

3 Responses to The Dyneema Kumo

  1. JerryW April 12, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Cool! It’s my old hero, the Miniposa, reborn in a funky new format.

    Well done! I’ll look out for a large one..

  2. ScottH April 20, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Can you explain how the shock cord that goes over the top pocket is undone (or moved aside) so that you can access the zipper of the top pocket and remove or insert your gear? One advantage of top pockets is that access to your small, frequently used gear is fast and easy. Is that advantage maintained?

    How does the size of this pack compare to the discontinued GoLite Ion?

    • Dave April 20, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

      Yes, it is still easy to access your gear with the cord on. You can either separate the two loops by unhooking the hook on top or you can just manually move it to the back of the pack. It moves quite easily because it stretches.

      Not too sure about the GoLite Ion, because I have never actually put my hands on it. It looks like it has a body capacity of 1500 ci, whereas the Kumo has a body capacity of 1700ci, with pocket capacity of 500ci more for a total capacity of 2200ci. My guess is that you can get quite a bit more in it than the Ion. That said, this is still considered a small volume pack for those that have a base weight in the 8-12lb range. You can see more by going to the spec tab at the product page.

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