October 24

Brand Ambassador Gear List: Erin “Wired” Saver

By: Erin “Wired” Saver

The Pyrenees mountain range, which creates a natural border between Spain and France, runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. There are multiple routes that can be traveled along the length of the Pyrenees, but I wanted the one that would stay higher and not dive down to villages as often. The Haute Route Pyrenees (HRP) is about a 500-mile route that traverses the Pyrenees while trying to stay high and closer to the crest as much as possible. After having done some other high routes in the U.S., this one caught my eye. Since there can be a great range in weather at anytime in the Pyrenees, I wanted gear that could handle all that I might encounter.

Haute Route Pyrenees Map


My gear evolves slightly each year, with most of the main items rarely changing. I have used the Gossamer Gear Mariposa since 2013, and it’s become like a security blanket. I feel unlucky without it. I know I could carry the smaller and lighter Gossamer Gear Gorilla, but I like the flexibility of having more space to pack in more if I want.

Mariposa backpack on the Haute Route Pyrenees


I tend to pack conservatively, so packing for a wide range of weather really wasn’t much of a change from the gear I would bring on the long trails I’ve hiked in the U.S. The key was to be aware of the weather. The Pyrenees is mostly above treeline, so I knew I needed to be in low locations if fronts came through.

Eyeing the traverse above Lago de Literole


In recent years, I’ve migrated towards always carrying a slightly heavier rain jacket (now the Montbell Torrent Flier) and the Liteflex Hiking (Chrome) umbrella. I know I can get cold quickly in rain, so I also carry rain paints that some would consider overkill. They also work well for general warmth on cold nights.

Foggy trail on the way to the village of Gavarnie


An unexpected challenge in the Pyrenees was the strength of the wind at times. I likened it to hiking with a jet engine with the force and noise it could make. I often used my buff over my ears more for silence than warmth.

Refuge de Pombie on the Haute Route Pyrenees


My major gear change for this year was ditching the camera and using my smartphone instead. As a blogger, this was a big step. I never used the camera to its full ability, so found this to be an easy transition. It gave me one less thing to carry, was more time efficient, and even saved me enough weight to reason upgrading my external battery. This gave me even more flexibility in the length of time I could be out between charges.

Cell Phone adapter and tripod


With the chances of high winds and precipitation at night, I was very aware of where I pitched my tent. I did have a surprise thunderstorm one night when I camped up high, and a brief hail storm where I had to find shelter one day, but other than that, I did well with getting low or being in a village when storms came through. I usually don’t use a ground cloth under my tent, but I brought one for the Pyrenees, and was glad I did. Camping, rather than using refuges, is less popular out there, so the camp spots were often on rough ground and had a lot of sheep droppings. Beautiful locations though!

The Pyrenees have to be one of the most scenic places to hike in the world. The view to mile ratio is the best I’ve had on any route or trail, but it isn’t without hard work. The route is rarely level, and the elevation changes are quite steep with long stretches on rocky terrain. The path is generally well marked, so navigation is not very difficult. Due to how strenuous the route can be and the weather’s unpredictability, there is a fair amount of solitude along the HRP. That adds to the magic of it all, and I highly recommend this route for anyone looking for a rewarding challenge in the mountains.

Alpine lakes on the Haute Route Pyrenees


You can find a detailed daily blog of my thru-hike of the Haute Route Pyrenees from July 2nd to August 5th on my website. You can also find my upcoming list of presentations to learn more about my recent travels here: http://walkingwithwired.com/2017/10/presentation-season-has-arrived.html

Wired’s Current Gear List

ItemSpecific ItemCostWeightWeight (oz)
BackpackGossamer Gear Mariposa$2351 lbs 14.7 oz30.7
Waterproof LinerTrash Compactor Bag1 oz1.00
TentZPacks Solplex w/8 Titanium V Stakes$5351 lbs 0.2 oz16.20
Tent StakesTite-Lite Titanium V Stakes (8)$24
Stake BagGossamer Gear Q Stake Bag$150.1 oz0.06
Sleeping BagZPacks 10 Degree$3901 lbs 3.8 oz19.80
Sleeping PadTherm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Women's$16011 oz11.00
Sleeping Pad Stuff SackTherm-a-Rest$150.5 oz0.50
Alcohol StoveToaks Titanium Siphon $40.7 oz.7
Cooking setup/windscreenCaldera Cone Set$353.2 oz3.2
PotEvernew Titanium .9L$414.1 oz4.10
SpoonGossamer Gear Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon$100.6 oz0.55
Food BagZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag$301.4 oz1.40
Water FilterSawyer Squeeze$403 oz3.00
Mini Dropper for BleachGossamer Gear Mini Dropper w/bleach$40.4 oz0.40
Water BagPlatypus SoftBottle 34oz$91.2 oz1.20
Water BagPlatypus Platy Bottle 70oz$131.3 oz1.30
Water BottleSmart Water Plastic Disposable1.7 oz1.70
First AidBand-aids, cloth tape, mini lighter$363 oz3.00
KnifeGossamer Gear Pocket Knife$200.8 oz0.80
ToiletriesChapstick, toothbrush/paste, floss, bodyglide, wet wipes, razor4 oz4.00
Stuff SackGossamer Gear-Sm/3L$100.3 oz0.3
BrushALAZCO Folding Brush (customized w/out mirror)$40.5 oz0.50
SunscreenSawyer Sunscreen
$31.2 oz1.20
Menstrual CupDiva Cup$200.7 oz0.70
Potty BagToilet paper, ziplocs, hand sanitizer2 oz2.00
TrowelDeuce Backpacking Trowel$200.6 oz0.6
Stuff SackGossamer Gear-Sm/3L$100.3 oz0.3
CameraiPhone SE 64GB
HeadlampPetzel e+Lite (Ultralight) Headlamp$171 oz1.00
MP3 PlayerSanDisk Sansa Clip$501 oz1.00
HeadphonesApple Earbuds0.4 oz0.40
PhoneiPhone SE 64GB$5004 oz4.00
Phone Charger CordApple 5W USB Power Adapter1.4 oz1.40
Flash DriveSanDisk iXpand Flash Drive(64GB)$1001.1 oz1.10
USB Travel Charger Adapt.NooQee 27W 5.4A 4-port wall charger$113 oz3.00
External Portable BatteryAnker PowerCore 20100mAh$4212.6 oz12.6
USB Cordsin Reach, MP3, & Extern Charg. USBs2 oz2.00
Personal Locator DeviceDeLorme inReach SE$3006.7 oz6.7
Watch w/alarmHead of a generic watch with alarm in tent
Selfie Stick Camera MounterStickPic$90.8oz0.80
Selfie Phone AdapterStickPic Cell Phone Adapter$8.9oz.90
Sewing KitMini Travel Sewing Kit$70.1 oz0.10
Field Repair TapeTenacious Tape (clear)$50.2 oz0.20
UmbrellaLiteflex Hiking (Chrome) Umbrella$398 oz8.00
Hanging RopeDynaglide Bear Hanging Line 50'$161.3 oz1.3
CompassSuunto A-10 Compass$201.1 oz1.1
WalletGossamer Gear Cuben Q-Storage Sack$50.1 oz0.05
TripodPedco UltraPod Mini Tripod$151.6oz1.6
Sit PadBack Pad on Pack Doubles as Sit Pad0 oz
Mosquito Head NetSea to Summit Insect Shield$111.3 oz1.3
GPS Phone AppGAIA GPS$10/yr
Extra Clothing (in pack)
Stuff SackGossamer Gear-Lg/10.5L$140.5 oz0.5
Heavier Rain Jacket (heavier)Montbell Torrent Rain Jacket$2258 oz8.00
Rain PantsSierra Designs Hurricane HP Pants$506.2 oz6.2
Insulating JacketMountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer$3507.2 oz7.2
Waterproof Rain GlovesDisposable Nitrile Medical Gloves$0.400.4
2nd Pair of SocksBalega Enduro VTech Quarter$101.2 oz1.20
Pajama TopSmartwool Microweight Crew Long Sleeve$655 oz5.00
Pajama BottomSmartwool Microweight Long Underwear Bottoms$755 oz5.00
GlovesSeirus Hyperlite All-Weather Gloves$301.8 oz1.80
Warm HatOutdoor Research Flurry Beanie$202.2 oz2.20
BuffBuff Original Buff$201.3 oz1.30
Sleep SocksLotion Infused soft socks$101.5 oz1.50
2nd Pair of UnderwearExOfficio$121 oz1.00
Ankle BraceWalgreens Ankle Support$91 oz1.00
Camp ShoesTeva Mush II Flip Flops$125.3 oz5.30
Sub Total$3,74612lbs 12.8 oz200.71
Worn Clothing (not in pack)
SunglassesRoadrunner Sunglasses$300.6 oz0.60
ShoesLa Sportiva Bushido (men's)$12011.3 oz11.30
Hiking PolesFizan Compact Trekking Poles$6011 oz11.00
Sports BraNike Pro Core$283.7 oz3.70
UnderwearExOfficio$121 oz1.00
TopMizuno Short Sleeved Tech Shirt$393.7 oz3.70
TopAdidas Long Sleeved Tech Shirt$404.6 oz4.60
PantsWhite Sierra Teton Trail Convertible$3510.6 oz10.60
SocksBalega Enduro VTech Quarter$101.2 oz1.20
Skins (under pants)Andiamo skins (unpadded)$151.9 oz1.90
HatNike Feather Light Hat$201.9 oz1.90
GaitersDirty Girl Gaiters$171 oz1.00
Sub Total$426
Other Gear Used on Various Trips When Needed (not in total BPW below)
Rain Jacket (lighter)Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket$1505.8 oz5.8
Bear CanisterBearVault BV500 or BV450$802 lbs 9 oz41.00
Odor Proof Food BagsLoksak OPSAK$131.7 oz1.70
Bear BagUrsack Major S29.3 AllWhite$908.7 oz8.70
GPSGarmin eTrex 30$3005 oz5.00
CameraPanasonic Lumix DMC ZS25$3006.5oz6.50
Wi-Fi SD Camera CardToshiba 32G FlashAir III$40
Shoulder Strap PocketGossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket$161.5oz1.5
Ice AxeBlack Diamond Raven$8015.9oz
MicrospikesKahtoola MICROspikes$7011oz11.0
Bug SpraySawyer Insect Repellent$31 oz1.00
Sub Total$1,132
Combined Total$5,304

Erin “Wired” Saver is a Gossamer Gear Brand Ambassador and long distance thru-hiker. Learn more about her adventures on her website.