December 2

Glen Van Peski’s Gear List

Glen Van Peski gear list
Glen Van Peski at Puppet Pass

My typical gear list is for a summer/fall trip of 3 – 6 days in the Sierra or other western mountains, typically mostly above tree line.  Temperatures range from freezing to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  My trips are generally composed of some trail, and some off-trail travel, typically with at least one other person.  My most common substitutions are adding 4 ounces by going with my heavier sleeping bag, and adding another 3.4 ounces by going with the QTwinn for a shelter if I’m expecting significant weather.  If going off-trail by myself, I would invest in a Spot locator.  I have used this basic gear for many years, and spent some stormy nights, and days trudging through snow, so am comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

CategoryGear SelectionWeight (oz)Details  
PackingGossamer Gear Murmur wo/belt8.4If load gets above 15 lbs. I add the waist belt.
Pack liner bag1.0Mylar bag
Food storage bag0.6Homemade grocery-type bag from spinnaker
Clothing stuff sack0.3Cuben fiber
Stuff sack for misc small items0.1Cuben fiber
60' Spectra 725 line, garlic bag, mini 'biner1.3Bear bag setup, if needed. In non-bear country, use food as pillow
SleepingSleeplight long 30 deg down bag17.2Hood, no down on bottom, no zipper. If I know for sure it will be under 36, I'm likely to take my heavy 22 oz. bag, same construction, more down.
Gossamer Gear Thinlight 3/8" - 30" l, 12-16" w2.1Minimal torso sleeping pad requires some good site selection skills, and ability to contour sleeping area
ShelterHomemade Cuben Wedge4.4Minimal lean-to shelter, with spectra line, 2 Ti V-stakes, 4 Easton FMJ stakes. If significant weather expected, I upgrade to the Cuben Twinn, total of 8.1 oz. with stakes. No stuff sacks. Trekking poles for support.
Gossamer Gear polycryo - small1.2Trimmed down to 20" wide
Packed ClothingMontbell Ex Light down jacket L5.7Not strictly needed, but a nice comfort item
Zpacks jacket5.0Breathable cuben fiber rain jacket, also used for wind
Zpacks CloudKilt1.4May leave this out if good weather expected
RAB MeCo gloves1.0Not super warm, but usually enough
Possumdown1.7Warm hat
Balega or other wicking socks0.8Spare socks allowing for rotation
Fleece sleeping socks1.8A little extra warmth for feet, don't always use them
Hydration1 liter Smart Water bottle1.6Use for mixing Emergen-C, can reach it from a side pocket while walking
3 liter Platypus 1.7Often hike in dry climes, like to have decent capacity, carry outside pack behind sleeping pad
Platypus drinking tube2.0I find I stay hydrated better when carrying the extra weight of a hydration tube
Bleach0.4In mini dropper bottle, good for 4 - 5 days typically
CookingTrail Designs gram cracker0.1Holds Esbit tabs
Trail Designs Caldera Ti-Tri0.9Windscreen and pot support, can be used for wood fires if allowed
paper matches 0.1In a mini ziploc bag
Zelph Fosters with drink band and lid1.3Cook pot with lid
Cozy/stuff sack0.4Homemade cuben fiber with insulation
bamboo spoon0.3I prefer the feel of bamboo to titanium
Small EssentialsPetzl e+LITE0.9Headlamp
Whistle on lanyard0.2For emergency signaling, I've used it
Dermasafe0.3Basically a long razor blade
Head Wouldn't take unless expecting bugs
Bug dope0.3Mini dropper bottle, don't usually take
mini tube spf 30 plus mini lip balm0.7Sample from dermatologist
Finger toothbrush and floss0.2Single use floss packets
Dr. Bronner's soap0.2Mini dropper bottle, use for toothpaste, bathing, etc
1/2 disposable shop towel per day0.8Toilet 'paper', for 'polishing' after natural materials
micro bottle alcohol gel0.1Good for about 4 days
blister & minor wound care0.9antibiotic, bandaids, compeed, etc
medications0.8Imodium,Tums,tylenol pm,naproxin, etc
mini scissors, tweezers1.8From Swiss army knife replacement parts
Rite in the Rain page, Sharpie0.4For taking notes
reading glasses0.2i4u lenses
Sparker and tinder0.2Emergency fire starter
8" duct tape, Tenacious Tape, needle/thread, safety pin0.2Repair kit
iPhone 6
4.4For taking photos
Stickpic0.4Great for selfies, group photos without propping camera on a rock
Maps and permits2.5I usually print maps out at 11 x 17 from AllTrails, both sides
Total base weight (oz)(not including worn items or consumables)78.8
Total base weight (lb)(not including worn items or consumables)4.92