October 15

Fly Fishing Northville Placid Trail

The Northville-Placid Trail (NPT) is a good trail with some excellent fishing water. During my previous trips along the trail, I would sometimes watch the streams & lakes and dream of catching the fish as they jumped small falls or quietly tookflies in the pools. On my third trip along the NPT, the decision to bring a spinning rod, a selection of flies and worms was an easy one. The flies I bring also let me use dries, placed about 4’ up the leader with the worm below to cast them. I can then “dance” the fly on the water with twitches of the rod tip as it drifts by the many small holes. I hiked into the area on a Sunday, leaving from the Long Lake Trailhead and knowing I would see only a few people. (I passed five people along the trail to Averyville Road, in Lake Placid…the northern terminus of the trail…in the 35 mile hike.)

Lake Placid Trail

Hiking into the Cold River from the Long Lake trailhead meant about a 12 mile hike, part of it along Long Lake. I wasn’t looking for a lot of miles. I was after fish, in particular the Brook Trout, at the Cold River. Along the way, several beaver dams offered an opportunity to take a break. But, after a cast or two and catching a couple smaller fish, it was time to move on. My goal was the Cold River, even if it was low this time of year (middle of August.) The pocket water and holes along that river promised good fishing regardless of the hot sunny weather. I was looking forward to it.

fly fishing

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