January 26

DIY Chew-Proof Bear Bag

Four years ago when fellow hiker Lee Fields and I were preparing to do a long distance hike on the AT, I ran across a blog that mentioned someone making a “chew-proof” food bag from the exploded airbag of a car. These airbags are made of a combination of materials (like Spectra) that are extremely resistant to tearing and cutting. The material from these bags resembles the commercially available Ursack (at least the older version). Since my wife had recently given me a few sewing lessons on her machine, I decided to give it a try.

diy bear bag

After some trial and error, I came up with a reasonable solution to making these bags that seems to work well. The good news is that after using this bag for over 1,500 miles in the last four years, I have yet to lose a morsel of food. In fairness I have not had to test the “bear-proof” nature of this bag to date, however I have had a few encounters with mice and other rodents around shelters with no damage to the bag or contents. I will therefore will continue to call this “chew proof” and hope that I don’t have an opportunity to test it further against bears!

An added bonus is that this DIY project is nearly free!

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