August 20

Dave “Lucky” Brunstein’s Ultralight Backpacking Gear List

Trail Ambassador Dave Brunstein
Trail Ambassador Dave Brunstein
I use this backpacking gear list for 3-season trips in Arizona and Southern Utah lasting from 1-4 days. We have moderate weather with temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees fahrenheit, with extended or heavy rain being rare. Water, and the distance between sources, is usually the biggest challenge. The terrain is varied from dry sandstone canyons, dry desert mountain ranges, and alpine forests. I add dry bags for my sleeping bag and clothes if doing a water hike.
CategoryGear SelectionWeight (oz)Details
PackingGossamer Gear Kumo Superlight Backpack15.5No hipbelt or sternum strap, includes sitpad.
Large Trash Bag2.6Waterproof liner, tie off with rubber band
Zpacks Blast Food Bad1.5Cuben Fiber roll top
OPSack1.2Smellproof and leaKproof food bag liner
Zpacks Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack0.8Waterproof ditty bag for multiple small items
SleepingTe-wa Quilt17.0Custom, rated for 45 degrees
Thinlight Insulation Pad3.1
1/8" Insulation and protects Air Beam
Gossamer Gear Air Beam Sleeper (M)9.4Use sitpad for feet.
ShelterZpacks Tarp8.1Cuben Fiber 8.5' X 10'
Stakes1.28 titanium 6"
Gossamer Gear Polycryo Ground Cloth1,640" x 96"
Packed ClothingBerghaus VapourLight Smock4.6Rain jacket XXL, no rain pants
REI Gloves1.4Fleece gloves
Montbell U.L Down Jacket7.6XL
DryMax Hyper Thin Socks0.81 pair ankle length
REI Balaclava1.5
Pants Legs3.4Columbia zip-off pants
HydrationPlatypus 3L Hoser4.23L with Sawyer inline adapter
Playpus 3L Reservoir1.8Extra 3L container
Sawyer Squeeze Mini3.0Water filter & 2 liter bladder
CookingBios # 5 Alcohol Stove1.2
Titanium Wind Screen0.74" tall
Titanium Cookpot2.30.9L, aluminum foil lid
Pot Cozy0.7Homemade
Stuff sack0.1Cuben Fiber
Fuel Bottle0.4Old water bottle
Alcohol Gel0.7
Bic Lighter0.4Mini
Waterproof Matches0.4
Spoon0.3Titanium, short
Small EssentialsVictorinox Swiss Army Classic0.7
Repair Kit2.6
First Aid Kit2.0
Eye Glasses & Case2.6
Petzel Tikka Headlamp2.6
Sun Block0.9
Bathroom Kit1.9TP, toothbrush, soap, etc.
Note Pad & Pencil0.2
Total base weight (oz)(not including worn items or consumables)112.9
Total base weight (lb)(not including worn items or consumables)7.06

This gear list was contributed by Trail Ambassador Dave “Lucky” Brunstein who leads about 20 hikes per year for the Arizona based Backpacking, Canyoneering, and Hiking Club (BCH).