October 3

Customer goes Sub 7 pounds Pack Weight



Glen –

I still like the pack! Do you? I am amazed that I am getting down to around 6.8 lbs for a week long sierra trek! This is before food and water. I keep looking at your posted gear list and keep challenging myself. I may be at about the best I can get. The big remaining difference is added backup clothes (extra shirt and underwear). I have material to make silnylon rain chaps to offset Dri Ducks pants. I just don’t have any experience with chaps and wondering if I can make it work. Also, I am using the Spinshelter which is a bit heavier than your tarp. Instead of a bear canister, I am thinking of using an Ursack (we require in Scouts a bear system). Do you like these? I am looking at lightening up our water filters. Do you like the Sawyer system that you sell on GG? Good for Scouts too? Finally, I am amazed how long it takes people to embrace the ultralight way. After showing my pack the other night and its lighter weight, I may finally be getting a few more converts. My assistant trek leader continues to buy GG, and maybe a couple more. It really seems like it takes time. Anyway, I hope you and your family are well. I so appreciate all of your assistance in getting my weights down.


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