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35 Mile Weekend Hammock Trip

winter hammock camping

Dream Hammock Freebird Hammock
Mountain Laurel Des. .7oz Cuben Hammock Hex Tarp (10.5’x8.5′)
Hammock Gear Phoenix +20F 3/4 UnderQuilt, with M50 & NB2 fabric

That’s my Gorilla at the foot of the hammock. This was on a DC UL Backpacking Meetup trip (great group – competent, ambitious. 6 people out in snow at 12F on a 34 mile weekend trip – not for the feint of heart!). 

12 deg the first night but no snow and only light winds. Still a resounding success from my perspective. And I wasn’t using the tarp.

Temps in the upper teens the second night but more exposed camp with strong winds and blowing snow—had been snowing since mid-afternoon. We were camped on a knob on an exposed ridge (more back-story on this) –the highest place in any direction. IMO significantly worse than the more sheltered 12 degrees on Friday night. I actually slept better and warmer (figured out how to manage the underquilt better and actually setup the tarp).

My whole pack for the three day trip with food & fuel was 15 lb.

Details below.



Hammock Setup Oz.
Dream Hammock Freebird UL, 1.0oz fabric, whoopies, 48″ tree straps,   dutch clips, hardware & acc. 10.5
Hammock Gear Phoenix +20F 3/4 UnderQuilt, with M50 & NB2 fabric (trimmed dimensions) 12.7
Mountain Laurel Des. .7oz Cuben Hammock Hex Tarp (10.5’x8.5′), 10′ ridgelines, dutch flyz, 6′ tie-outs 8.0
4 Al Y-stakes (58g) 2.0
Total 33.2


Hammock Gear Burrow +20F TopQuilt, with M50 & NB2 fabrics(trimmed dimensions)



Hammock and All Quilt Totals



Clothing worn in hammock at +12F (also worn in camp at thesetemps)
Western Mountaineering Flash pants


Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash jacket


Total Clothing





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2 Responses to 35 Mile Weekend Hammock Trip

  1. Gerry Brucia February 22, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Your winter hammock gear list is very similar to mine with some brand exceptions. It is amazing how comfortable hammock camping can be, even in the winter, with the right insulation.

    Hammock: Warbonnet Traveller
    Underquilt: Hammockgear Phoenix 20 deg.
    Top Quilt: Javan Dempsey 15 deg.
    Pants: BPL Cocoon Pants over merino LJ’s
    Western Mountaineering Hood Flash Jacket over a couple of layers, at least one of which is a hoody.

    Two additional things that have helped my feet stay warm with this setup are my GG sitpad that I slip inside my quilt to go under my feet and secondly, a pair of Goosefeet down booties.

  2. Jeremy February 22, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Did you use any vapor barrier clothing, or just insulation? Did you use a pad at the foot of the hammock or go without insulating only the core?

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