October 31

Do We Need National Preserves? Yes. Here’s Why.

By: Korrin L. Bishop Earlier this month, in light of the Trump administration’s review of 27 national monuments, we took a look at the many different types of National Park Service (NPS) designations. Understanding these designations is an important step in being an effective advocate for public lands. In this post, we will take a … Continue reading “Do We Need National Preserves? Yes. Here’s Why.”

October 10

The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Quick Guide to Park Designations

By: Korrin L. Bishop Five months ago, the Trump administration began a review of 27 national monuments to determine potential changes to their designations. As of September 17, reports indicate that Interior Secretary Zinke recommended changes to at least ten—including shrinking Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Gold Butte, and Cascades-Siskiyou. The exact details of those changes … Continue reading “The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Quick Guide to Park Designations”

May 5

Tips to Avoid Hiking on Private Land

A love affair with privately owned land goes back to Jefferson, who thought that widely distributed private landownership was the key to freedom. Since America’s founding, many people associate private land with individual liberty and a productive society. But as a hiker, sometimes private land is associated with obstacles, safety issues, and an impediment to … Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Hiking on Private Land”

October 7

Simple DIY Mini Toilet Paper (WAG) Bags

Technically speaking, a WAG bag is designed to collect human excrement (poop) and allow you to pack it out. In some locations, a WAG bag is required, such as on Mount Rainier or in many desert canyons. But for many backcountry areas, burying poop is still the approved method—but what about the toilet paper (TP)? … Continue reading “Simple DIY Mini Toilet Paper (WAG) Bags”