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These articles were written to properly educate others about the outdoors. It is important that we do not impact the land as we explore it. This is especially important in high use areas, such as the John Muir Trail. Remember, Leave No Trace.

Crossing through private land in New Hampshire. PC: Allison Nadler

Tips to Avoid Hiking on Private Land

A love affair with privately owned land goes back to Jefferson, who thought that widely distributed private landownership was the key to freedom. Since America’s founding, many people associate private land with individual liberty and a productive society. But as a hiker, sometimes private land is associated with obstacles, safety issues, and an impediment to […]

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Appalachian Trail Graffitti

Leave No Trace: Lessons on the Appalachian Trail

“This isn’t a joke I’m afraid, Amy said.  It’s actually very serious.”  Caleb was lost in his own contemplations when he looked at Amy.  Caleb was short, thin and crooked with a wiry beard and sleepy eyes.  “What are you talking about?” he asked.  Amy huffed loudly swinging around to meet his lazy gaze.  Her […]

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Arizona Trail Day

Arizona Trail Day Events

Along the Arizona Trail are 33 Gateway Communities, each with their own unique character and charm. Towns that welcome Arizona Trail users and offer a place for rest, food and resupply. The Arizona Trail Association currently holds six Trail Day events a year throughout the state. This year we started with the Legends of Superior […]

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Simple DIY Mini Toilet Paper (WAG) Bags

Technically speaking, a WAG bag is designed to collect human excrement (poop) and allow you to pack it out. In some locations, a WAG bag is required, such as on Mount Rainier or in many desert canyons. But for many backcountry areas, burying poop is still the approved method—but what about the toilet paper (TP)? […]

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First DC UL Womens Only Trip

Women Rock DC UL

The hiking and backpacking meetup group I help co-organize – DC UL Backpacking —has been seeing steady growth, doubling in size over the past year. I could credit a number of factors that contributed to that growth: a full calendar last year thanks to our organizer, Michael Martin, working on a book (AMC’s Best Backpacking in the […]

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Beginner backpacking trip on Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Meet the Trail Dames

“They may not hike fast, but the Trail Dames sure know how to laugh and have fun on the trail.”  That’s how I first heard about this all-women hiking club from the outfitters at Mountain Crossings on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia.  In the past four years while hiking with and then leading trips for Trail […]

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Colgate Outdoor Education Backpacking Trip

Colgate University’s Outdoor Education Program

For decades, leaders and participants in Colgate University’s Outdoor Education (OE) program have struggled under heavy packs. Fifty student leaders, under the guidance of three full-time staff members, brave the New England weather to lead backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, caving, winter camping, skiing, snowshoeing, fly fishing, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, backcountry […]

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Scouting 50 Miler

Plan a Boy Scout 50 Miler

Defining a 50-Miler In doing research for this post, I found there are a lot of differing opinions about what the Boy Scout 50-Miler Program is all about. In a nutshell, the award recognizes a Scout who travels 50 miles in at least five days. Some describe it as a self-supported, high-adventure activity only for […]

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