Steve Burgess

Steve Burgess

Steve started hiking when he was 30 years old after moving to the Pacific Northwest. Over the years many lessons were learned from that first circuit of Mt. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail and his over 50 pound pack. After 25 years of backpacking, climbing, and ultra-running, Steve spreads the gospel of the benefits of going light through Vidcasting and his blog. Having a family was instrumental in Steve’s light weight philosophy; no longer could he selfishly spend a week on the trail with kids at home. So instead of cutting back the mileage of a trip, he simply cut back the days allowed. Covering 20-40 miles a day on some hikes, lessening the load was imperative. As his kids got older, they were introduced to the great outdoors and have also learned the benefits of quality lightweight gear. One of Steve’s goals is to educate older hikers who’s memories of backpacking entailed heavy hot blister-inducing trail stomper boots and a hefty load. Many no longer hike or backpack thinking “there is no way I can carry a 50 pound pack at my age, with my back.” Now we know they don’t have to!

Home: Bellevue, WA

Age: 58

Website: Willis Wall

Favorite Training Ground: Mt. Rainier National Park, Tiger Mountain State Park, Cougar Mountain State Park

Current Plans: After filming all of the Wonderland Trail in 2012, 2013 will be a break from projects to just hike with my daughter, who is graduating this year.

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