Renee Tougas

Renee Tougas
Renee Tougas

Renee is a hiker and homemaker; a mother and wife; a writer and photographer.

A homeschool mother, Renee is active outdoors each day with her kids. On the weekends, her family practices their once a week commitment to active living outdoors – summiting the bigger peaks of the Chic Choc mountains on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula where they live.

Renee started lightweight hiking and backpacking as a mother and wife. All she knows are hikes done with family. Over the past eight years, hiking and backpacking has provided her an amazing avenue for personal growth (some might say crucible) as well as an excellent opportunity for transmitting time-less values and life lessons to her children.

Family hiking is most enjoyable with a lightweight philosophy. And as far as Renee’s concerned, family backpacking wouldn’t be possible without such a mindset. The children tire easily with too much weight and so does their mother!
Renee also enjoys these activities in minimalist footwear which has solved the knee problems of her early hiking years.

Renee’s motivation for hiking and backpacking is to experience first hand beautiful wild places, to share that beauty through story and photography, and to have amazing experiences with her family.

Together with her family Renee has hiked some of the highest peaks in New England including Mt. Washington and Mt. Katahdin. They have backpacked in Maine, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec. But Renee’s most notable hiking accomplishment is her consistency in making the outdoors a priority in family life. For guarding that time in the family schedule and joining her husband every week in getting the whole family out the door together, to explore wild and beautiful mountain places, growing relationship with each other and the environment.

Home: New Richmond, Quebec, Canada

Age: 37

Website: |

Favorite Training Ground: The Chic Chocs of the Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec, Canada

Current Plans: Renee is planning to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2014 with her children and fellow Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Damien Tougas.

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