Peter Sustr

Peter is a Denver based UL Backpacker who took his first hike over 13 years ago in The Mount Evans Wilderness Area. Immediately he was hooked on backpacking and started finding ways to lighten his load. After years of hiking, Peter has worked to reach a base pack weight of 8 lbs, which has helped him explore many areas in Colorado and Utah. He’s been featured in National Geographic Adventurer for his 82.2-mile hike in the Grand Gulch that satisfied his love of Southwest rock art, dwellings and canyon bottoms.

Peter will be departing on his first thru hike in 2013 when he begins a five-month trek north bound on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) starting April 20th. He has pushed himself off the couch and set a goal to get in good physical & mental shape for the challenge. He’s lost 60 + pounds since starting his training and maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle due to his life long battle with Crohn’s disease.

Home:  Denver, CO

Age:  33

Favorite Training Grounds:  Spending summer weekends exploring everything Colorado has to offer, including his home stomping grounds in The Lost Creek Wilderness Area, Flat Tops, Indian Peaks, and Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).  Peter also frequents southern Utah in such places as Canyonlands National Park, Grand Gulch, or just about anywhere in Cedar Mesa.

Current Plans:  Continental Divide Trail (CDT) beginning April 20 th, 2013.

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