Paul Osborn


Paul is a avid backpacker, fisherman, amateur mountaineer, survival enthusiast and family man. He didn’t start backpacking until he was in his early teens, but by then had already developed a strong love for the outdoors thanks to his Dad taking him on camping and fishing trips and teaching him about the local flora and fauna. Whenever he got the chance he was outdoors, whether that meant exploring the 40-acre woods across the road or venturing deep into the back country.

The transition to lightweight backpacking was an obvious one when his first child was born. He wasn’t about to give up the outdoors, so he started cutting down on pack weight to make room for his 1 year old (and her things). Since then, he’s added to the list with 3 more kids who all share that love for exploring and adventure.

Paul is just ending a 4 year stint as a volunteer with his family in South America. In his free time he’s done everything from explore the jungle to hike Incan trails to mountain bike down Bolivia’s death road to summit a 6088 meter peak. This summer he’s looking forward to visiting old trails and sharing them with his family.

Home: Armstrong, BC

Age: 30


Favorite Training Grounds: The backcountry areas of BC, Canada and Washington, USA.

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