Paul “The Beeman” Cronshaw

Paul Cronshaw

Paul is an avid outdoorsman, spending a lot of time hiking, biking and backpacking in Southern California. Beginning in high school and later as an Assistant Scoutmaster in his son’s scout troop, he has made many backpacking trips to the Los Padres National Forest. Paul has transitioned from a weekend to a multi-day long-distance hiker, and from a traditional backpacker to an ultralight backpacker. In the memory of his deceased mother, Margery Cronshaw (1923-2008), he began section hiking the PCT in 2008–he has completed Sections A, B, C, F, G and H.  Paul is an active participant in a number of Santa Barbara trails organizations. As part of the Los Padres Volunteer Wilderness Rangers, he leads a small group of backpackers known as the “Litehikers”. In 2008, this group has contributed well over 500 hours of volunteer work including training, scouting trail conditions, and gathering important data to apply for grants aimed at trail restoration and maintenance in the Los Padres Forest. With the Montecito Trails Foundation, he is a trails steward for a number of multipurpose trails, responsible for keeping them maintained and accessible to hikers.

In 2008, in the memory of his deceased mother, Margery Cronshaw (1923-2008), Paul joined Founder Glen Van Peski, Read Miller, and Warner Springs Monty on a hike of the PCT Section A. He has been hooked on long distance trail hiking ever since. To date, he has completed 1400 miles of this long distance trail.

At age 60, The Beeman cannot carry a traditional weight pack like he did in his 20s. A lighter pack produces less wear and tear on the body, an added health benefit. To Paul, carrying lightweight backpack is analogous to carrying your house on your back, an Apartment vs. a McMansion. Less pack volume and less stuff helps promote the saying “Take less, Travel more”

Home: Santa Barbara, CA

Age: 60


Outdoor Organization Involvement

Active Participant in numerous Santa Barbara trail organizations | Ranger at Los Padres Volunteer Wilderness Ranger Program | Member at Montecito Trails Foundation | Member at Pacific Crest Trail Association

Favorite Training Ground

I do most of my backpacking in the San Rafael Wilderness which is part of the Los Padres National Forest.

Current Plans

This year I am planning to hike the Oregon section of the PCT. Along with my fellow Gossamer Gear Trails Ambassador hiking partner, Rik Christensen, I will be making public and boy scout presentations on lightweight backpacking. I plan to continue my crosscut saw certification and lead small groups of backpackers to perform trail maintenance on trails in the Los Padres National Forest. I am an avid outdoorsman, spending a lot of time hiking and backpacking in Southern California.

Favorite Backpack

The Mariposa Lightweight Pack


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