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Ludovic Pradel

I’m an outdoor lover and I’m in the mountain as often as I can : day trip, overnight or week trip. I usually hike with my wife, my dad & I really love to bring friends out of their house to paths & help them discover the mountain simpleness, calm & beauty! I began hiking when I was young thanks to my parents and began thinking on lighting my backpack when I plan a hiking trip in Iceland 4 years ago. My base pack weight goes from 15lbs to 4.4lbs during this 4 years. Besides backpacking I like climbing, snowboarding, photography… all that bring me to the mountains. Home: Toulouse, France Age: 28 Website: Outdoor Organization Involvement: member and moderator at Favorite training grounds: Pyrenées Mountain on the south of France, about 1h from home. Current Plans: A long list of MYOG for my daughter & I. I also plan to bring my daughter to some hiking trip in the Pyrenées.