Lawton “Disco” Grinter and Felicia “POD” Hermosillo


disco and POD
Disco and the Princess of Darkness

Disco and POD met through a mutual long-distance hiking friend in 2005. Their first date was at the Salida Beer Festival where it was love at first sight, or maybe they just had enough beer that it seemed like love at first sight. At any rate, they decided to do some walking together and then five years, five thousand miles, and a few lost toenails later they got married and started down a more “normal” life track. But, don’t be fooled, they still had the desire to hike and snuck away here and there when they could to get their hike on! They enjoy exploring their home state of Colorado together as well as places beyond. Their combined long-distance mileage is over 20,000 miles, and they have hiked all over the lower 48, and in parts of Hawaii, Germany, Finland, Spain, Peru, and South Africa. Disco and POD plan to continue their adventures in the outdoors until POD loses all of her toenails. 

Home: Denver, CO

Website: | |

Outdoor Organization Involvement:Volunteer Trail Maintainer at Colorado Trail Foundation

Favorite Training Ground: Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO – Having a Wilderness Area of this caliber this close to Denver has provided an amazing high altitude training ground for me. With high passes above 12,000′ and a fraction of the crowds of Rocky Mountain National Park to the north, this Wilderness Area is always a treat to go hiking in.

Favorite Pack: The Gorilla

We Never Hit the Trail Without: A EuroSchirm Silver Trekking Umbrella.

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