Julie LePage

Julie LePage

Julie LePage started hiking at the age of 17 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in classic beginner style: in ripped jeans and Reeboks. Since her gear shakedown in 2008, which was embarrassingly published in a hiker magazine, she happily cruises along in a bargain skort and fun-colored gaiters, ever the slave to fashion. Julie most enjoys finding new ways to traverse a series of mountains for a full day of fun outdoors or backpacking for a week in a far flung location. When she’s not getting dirt under her nails on her adopted trail, you can find her road biking in the Boston area, designing for web & print and drinking lots of tea.

Location: Somerville, MA

Age: 39

Website: Hikes ‘n Stuff

Outdoor Organization Involvement: 4-season Hiking and Backpacking Leader, August Camp Hike Leader, and Trail Adopter at Appalachian Mountain Club

Favorite Training Grounds: The mountains of Maine are my favorite place to backpack and enjoy the quiet beauty of New England.

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