Jim “Hikin’ Jim” Barbour


Jim is a self confessed gear geek and might possibly own more backpacking stoves than just about anybody (well over 100 at last count). Jim’s interest in backpacking stoves led to him starting a blog, Adventures In Stoving, which serves as something of a compendium on stoves and the techniques to use them well.

Jim grew up hiking and backpacking with his dad starting in the 1960’s and did his first week long backpack in the Sierra Nevada in 1976.

Over time, Jim has found that his old heavy gear just wasn’t cutting it any more and that he was having trouble keeping up with the “young bucks,” so he began his still continuing journey to the light side, a journey which, naturally, includes Gossamer Gear — but he’s not giving up his Svea 123 stove just yet, at least not completely.

Jim loves exploring new places and off trail travel. You can catch him most any weekend out on the trail, often with his daughter whom he hopes will catch his love of the outdoors just as he did from his dad.

Home: Glendale, CA

Age: 50

Website: AdventuresInStoving.blogspot.com | HikinJim.blogspot.com

Outdoor Organization Involvement: Assistant Leader at MeetUp.com | “O” Leader at Sierra Club

Favorite Training Grounds: The San Gabriel Mountains are my local mountain home. I’ve wandered many of the trails and camps there since I was a boy. There are at least a dozen trailheads I can get to within a half hour’s drive from my home. They’re a great spot for a quick overnighter or day hike and though local they are not lacking in challenge: Their summits range up to 10,000 feet in elevation.

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