Jan “BeeKeeper” McEwen

Jan McEwen
Jan McEwen

I’m an avid hiker, snowshoer and backpacker who enjoys exploring new areas and sharing trail and gear tips with others.

Having recently retired, my emphasis has shifted from leading local hikes to exploring other parts of our country. As a lightweight packer, I enjoy the “show and tell” sessions at Jan’s camp or the “what’s in your pack” questions.

My preference is for trails less traveled and off trail exploration, both which are now possible with UL gear. My Jan’s Jaunts blog and the Gossamer Gear newsletter provide outlets to share gear, photos and trail stories.


Home: Redding, CA

Website: Jan’s Jaunts and Jabberings

Outdoor Organization Involvement: Co-Organizer and Event Host at Northern California Outdoor Adventurers (NCOA)

Favorite Training Grounds:Trinity Alps Wilderness, Marble Mountain Wilderness, and Russian Wilderness

Favorite Pack: The Mariposa!

I Never Hit the Trail Without: my camera

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