Helen Beckers

Helen Beckers
Helen “Catwoman” Beckers

Growing up in a hiker’s family in Belgium (with 2 long distance hikers as parents), Helen spent all of her childhood vacations hiking and climbing the Swiss Alps. When she was 15 she started traveling around the world and has been on the road ever since. She lives a very simple life living in a tiny cabin in Germany without running water or electricity. This allows her to follow her dreams and do what she loves: Being outdoors, traveling, hiking and making music. In the summer of 2013 she rediscovered her passion for backpacking. While thru hiking the JMT she fell in love with the Sierras, with lightweight backpacking and with the American trails. She loves the fact that she needs so so little to feel so happy.

“I always call my backpack ‘my little home’, because it is when I am hiking, living in nature, moving slowly through the landscape, that I feel most at home. Home is not only where my heart is. It is where my body, my mind and my soul are, it is where I connect, where I find where I am and who I truly am, where I don’t need to compensate. It is where I can lay down my head peacefully at night.”

Helen is currently preparing for her first long distance hike. In 2015 she’s going to make one of her biggest dreams come true: Thru hiking the PCT!

Home: Wiesbaden, Germany

Age: 32


Outdoor Organization Involvement: Co-leader and teacher at Weltenwandler Wilderness school | Pacific Crest Trail Association- Member and Fundraiser

Favorite Training Ground: Taunus Mittelgebirge in the west of Germany.



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