Guy “Pyro” Parker


As a youth Guy was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend Philmont and that got him hooked on backpacking. As grueling as it was, because of his size in 1975 (82 lbs.), the experience opened a whole new avenue of the outdoors to me. Pyro had grown up hunting and fishing and spending all of his free time in the woods or on the water, but backpacking was a new type of freedom. As he got older, married, had kids, his hunting desires for adventure grew more challenging and he started combining backpacking with hunting in places like Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, and Idaho. As he continued to become older the need to go lighter and lighter made more sense. Pyro has been consumed for the last 12 years with getting lighter gear that performs better and allows his outdoor adventures to be more efficient and enjoyable. He also likes sharing the things he has discovered with any and all who will listen. Guy wants to have fun on the trail and going light gives him that opportunity.

Home: Missouri City, TX

Age: 53


Outdoor Organization Involvement: The organization that I’m most involved with is the Boy Scouts of America. I’m an Eagle Scout, our two sons are Eagle Scouts and I’m a retired Scoutmaster. I consult with other Troops and I teach backpacking and hiking at various BSA training events, along with high adventure training for Troops when asked. I am a founding member of the Eagle Scout Association in Houston and serve on the executive committee as their Branding Chair. I am marketing chair for the Sam Houston Area BSA Dodgeball Tournament. I have recently organized an annual Philmont trek for Houston Third Ward inner city Scouts and I am busy gearing them up for our June trek and fundraising to support the effort.

Favorite Training Grounds: I used to love to take groups to Bastrop State Park here just east of Austin, but last year’s fire devastated the park and especially the 3500 acre primitive area that was perfect for backpacking. Since then I have done hikes at Huntsville State Park and weekend trips to Colorado Bend State Park and Hill Country State Natural Area.

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