Felicia “Princess of Darkness” Hermosillo


Felicia “Princess of Darkness” Hermosillo is among a minority of women to have completed end to end hikes of the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide trail: making her a triple crowner. In addition to hiking the three major trails of the U.S. she has completed the Colorado Trail with her dog Gimpy, has extensively explored the wilderness areas around Crested Butte, and has done some trekking both in Perú and South Africa.  She starred in Disco’s “The Walkumentary” which covered their 2006 southbound Continental Divide Trail hike. Also of note, she has a spicy personality; don’t call her Princess of Darkness for nothing!

Home: Denver, CO

Age: 35

Website: www.trailjournals.com/darkness

Favorite Training Grounds:  Maroon Bells Wilderness, CO – There is no place like it! I am often left breathless there, both by the natural beauty and the high altitude passes (over 13,000’). Gimpy likes the views too, he often sits for several minutes at the top of the pass gazing out over the extending valley and ridges – as if he were a little lion looking out over his turf.

Current Plans: Keep chugging along through graduate school with intermittent camping and hiking trips into the mountains for solace and rejuvenation.

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