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Erin “Wired” Saver started backpacking when she moved to the Northwest in 2009 after growing up in the Midwest. Her passion for long distance running quickly transferred over to the trails. She found herself running less and hiking more as the time passed, now having completed over 14,000mi, including hiking’s Triple Crown (PCT, CDT, AT). Her knack for blogging, energetic personality, and little need for sleep earned her the trail name Wired.

Her detailed daily trail blog, Walking With Wired, has become widely followed and is a reputable resource in the backpacking community for planning, gear, and general trail beta and advice. She has found herself in a world she never imagined. Living life to its fullest on the trail and inspiring others to do the same all over the world. She plans to continue challenging herself on other long distance trails, heading out for 4-6 months each year. Other trails she has completed include Vermont’s Long Trail, John Muir Trail, West Coast Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail, Hayduke Trail, Great Divide Trail, Sierra High Route, Kings Canyon High Basin Route, Wind River High Route, New Zealand’s Te Araroa, Australia’s Bibbulmun and Larapinta Tracks, and Tasmania.

Wired earns those days on the trail by living a simple life in Portland, OR. Her job as a substitute teacher and being a nanny outside of school gives her the freedom to take off for long periods at a time. “I had always assumed I’d do this sort of thing when I retired someday. Then someone pointed out to me that I don’t need to wait and I could just seize the moment now. I feel like I’m actually LIVING life!”

Wired credits other women bloggers for inspiring her to get out on the trail and go solo. “Those women backpackers opened my eyes to a world I didn’t even know existed. I am extremely grateful to them for that and I want to inspire others the same way those blogs inspired me. I know we all can’t get out for 5 months at a time, but any time spent on the trail will impact a person’s life. Just get out there and take it in!”

Home: Portland, OR

Age: 38


Facebook: Walking with Wired

Instagram: walkingwithwired

Twitter: @ErinWiredSaver

Favorite Training Grounds

The Columbia River Gorge. I love hiking all over the northwest, but I am still in awe of the lush green maze of trails right in my own backyard. Just a short drive and I’m in a completely different world with and endless array of “choose my own adventure” trails. I just recently started exploring some of the lesser known unmaintained trails in the Gorge and it has opened up a great world of adventure and possibility for me. Perfect for training and conditioning!

Favorite Pack

I Absolutely love the Mariposa lightweight pack! I’m a big fan of all the pockets and like the ability of the pack to expand to hold more gear when needed on long carries. It’s the first pack that I sometimes feel like I’m not even wearing. Be sure to check out my full lightweight gear list!

I Never Hit the Trail Without

I am Wired, so I’m going to have to say my iPhone…yes I know you’re cringing. It really isn’t that bad, but it is my ultimate luxury item! It has my maps, data, email, trail journal/blog, camera, and phone all in one tiny little device. Pretty amazing.

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