David Lintern

David Lintern

After wrestling with the compromise of occasional escapes to the hills from the big city for many years, David Lintern finally quit London in 2011 to be nearer to the mountains. Relocating to Edinburgh after a 2 month sea to sea trek across the High Pyrenees, he now splits his time between work for an environmental charity, and freelance outdoors journalism.   A consideration of weight per se, is less important than packing only what’s needed for particular conditions – having world class landscapes to practise in within 2 hours of his new home makes getting better at judging this easier!

Home: Edinburgh, Scotland

Age: 41

Website: www.davidlintern.com.  For journalism  please see www.owpg.org.uk/member-profiles/davidlintern.

Outdoor Organization Involvement:  Part-time for  The John Muir Trust : a charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild land in the UK, and inspiring others to do the same. The charity does this in the name of the father of National Parks, a Scotsman who is far better known in the USA than in his home country.

Favorite Training Grounds: Anywhere and everywhere in Scotland. Our mountains may be small compared to some, but our weather is tall!

Current Plans: David aspires to undertake some longer trips in the States in the coming years, and plans to keep the backpacking fires burning with shorter European trips of between 3-21 days in the meantime.


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