Daniel “Lorax” Callahan

Daniel Callahan

Daniel Callahan a.k.a. “Lorax” lives in Santa Barbara county California. He owns and operates his own outdoor adventure business. He’s a husband, father of 2 amazing children, adventure guide, backpacker, videographer, photographer, outdoor gear reviewer, website builder, blogger, mountain biker and all around jokester!

Having been a backpacker and hiker for over 20 years, he absolutely loves the outdoors. It is his passion, his church, and his love and he feels it brings him closer to religion/spirituality more than anything else.

Lorax has hiked and backpacked in several locations around the United States including but not limited too Yosemite, Big Sur, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, San Rafael Wilderness, Dick Smith Wilderness, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Grayson Highlands, Appalachian Trail and Upstate New York (where he was born and raised) etc. etc. etc. the list goes on.

Lorax has been a heavy backpacker for most of his life and just recently made the jump to ultra light… starting with Gossamer Gear! Last year he embarked on a 6 day 5 nights trip in Yosemite National park my full pack (with bear canister weighed a knee buckling 51lbs). Hiking up and over Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite with this weight was not easy. This past trip in Big Sur his pack weighed in at 31lbs. approx. Shedding 20lbs off – This was huge. **Not counting all of the extras he took with him (5 lbs. of camera gear and extra food), he was a lot lighter and his feet and knees loved him!

Lorax is never returning to a heavy pack and is making all the necessary changes to go lighter and lighter every trip (he’s not sure why it took this long!). Always looking for multi use items and doing his research, Daniel has a lot of gratitude and loves his life!

Age: 36

Website: www.trailandmountain.com

Favorite training grounds: Yosemite National Park

Current Plans: To keep building my website and business. To meet, work with and attract high caliber people into my life both personally and in business. My trail goals are to hike the John Muir Trail, Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail.