Dan Bortz

Dan Bortz
Dan Bortz

I’m mostly a weekend warrior and enjoy exploring the many State Forest Trails in Pennsylvania. Most of my backpacking trips are 40-60 miles (lasting 1-3 nights).

I got into ultralight backpacking after suffering a foot injury at work. After healing, I found myself unable to carry my more traditional load, and I made a concerted effort to lighten up. Lightening up also includes my belly, which grew substantially while I was injured.

This past year, my fitness level has vastly improved and I pushed myself to do longer, harder hikes. I completed my first ever 30-mile day, finished the Susquehanna Super Hike, and bagged 22 of the New Hampshire 4000-footers. I’m hoping to continually push and improve myself.


Home: Maxatawny, PA

Age: 31

Website: ulweekendwarrior.wordpress.com 

Outdoor Organization Involvement: Organizer at Berks-Lehigh Hiking & Backpacking Meetup |  Member at Appalachian Mountain Club | Member at Keystone Trails Association

Favorite Training Grounds: Most of my training is in the gym because of my work schedule, but I like hiking the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock Loop for time. It’s a nice 8.5 miles with 2 great vistas, and it gives me a good benchmark for my hiking condition.

Favorite Pack: It’s difficult to pick just one! I have 7 packs, but the Type 2 is really growing on me. I use it for day hikes, hut trips and short backpacking trips. It’s really tough and versatile.

I Never Hit the Trail Without: It may sound dumb, but I never hike without a long-handled titanium spoon.


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