Christy “Rockin'” Rosander

Christy "Rockin" Rosander
Christy “Rockin” Rosander

Christy “Rockin’” Rosander loves to backpack, climb, day hike, cycle, and enjoy year round outdoor adventure. The Southern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is her backyard playground, and also where her trail name “Rockin’” originated—a testament to her enthusiasm for climbing big rocks. Christy has hiked the Sierra High Route, climbed many of the country’s fourteen thousand foot peaks, and backpacked countless cross-country treks through the Sierras. She has also completed roughly 1100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail, 2200 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and recently completed a 225 mile trek across Scotland for the annual Great Outdoor challenge. She loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with anyone who will listen. 
Christy spent years of hiking with her husband, children, and friends, but was inspired five years ago to begin the journey of solo thru-hiking. After a brief chat with a female section hiker who shared her story while resting on a rock, Christy gained the confidence that she too could strike out solo. This triggered her dream to hike the PCT one section at a time. Through daily trail blogging, long-distance hiking, and providing trail angel support, Christy has fostered many quality relationships and has found herself immersed in both the virtual and physical hiker community.

As an elementary school teacher, Christy was able to combine her passions for hiking and teaching by creating tHInK outsidE, a hiking and outdoor skills course with a companion website. tHinK outsidE website provides resources and lessons for teaching wilderness and thru-hiking skills to elementary and high school students.

Christy’s quest for lighter, safer, and more efficient gear is motivated by a desire to remain healthy and active for many years to come. After being part of this sport for 22 years, Christy continues to learn, test and refine gear, and dream of new trips.


Home: Tehachapi, CA

Age: 57

Website: Lady on a Rock | tHInK outsidE

Outdoor Organization Involvement

Trail Maintainer and Trail Angel at Pacific Crest Trail Association | Hiking Leader and Outdoor Skills Educator at Valley Oaks Charter School | Hiking Representative at Tehachapi Mountain Trail Association | Participant at Kern River Hiking Club Meet Up

Favorite Training Grounds

Everywhere and anywhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

My favorite pack

I LOVE the Gorilla ultralight pack. It is just the right size for thru-hikes or a weekend adventure. It carries well on off or on trail trips, has lots of handy pockets, distributes weigh evenly, and is super lightweight.

I Never Hit the Trail Without

My iPhone. It has my GPS, camera, maps, and trail information all in one handy little phone. Sweet.


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