Cassie Burgess

Cassie Burgess

Cassie Burgess has been hiking since she can remember. Starting with day hikes, sometimes hitching a ride on dad’s shoulders and snoozing on his head, she progressed to car camping and finally backpacking. Cassie has climbed Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, been stormed off Curtis Ridge on Mt. Rainier, completed Mt. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in 5 days, encountered bear and coyote up close, fallen asleep on her feet while hiking at 3 AM, and has experienced both the glorious weather the Pacific Northwest can serve up along with the sodden, windy, cold, mosquito bombing bonus days. Cassie has an appreciation for quality lightweight gear and learned the benefits of poles when years ago her dad offered one of his for her to use on a downhill section and never got it back. Cassie has participated in the Olympic National Park marmot surveys and tested soils in ONP for a special project.

Home: Bellevue, WA

Age: 18

Outdoor Organization Involvement: Ambassador at Washington National Parks Fund

Favorite Training Ground: Mt. Rainier National Park, Tiger Mountain State Park, and Cougar Mountain State Park.

Current Plans: Cassie will be attending Harvey Mudd college majoring in engineering/environmental analysis.

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