Brian Reyman


Brian Reyman loves life, the outdoors and his family. He was first exposed to backpacking when starting out as a boy scout leader. The beauty and special nature of the outdoors that can only be appreciated by going there, along with the challenges and life lessons it provides, hooked him.

Living in Colorado provided the perfect setting but things started slowly. Brian’s first time backpacking ended like many others – in pain. A heavy backpack, tent, sleeping bag and more made the first few trips seem like they might be the last. A strong desire to remain outdoors led him to talk with others and feverishly research for a solution. Finding lightweight techniques, gear and the joyous comfort of sleeping in a hammock made backpacking a permanent fixture in Brian’s outdoor life, along with hiking, fishing, mountain biking and more.

In addition to a passion for the outdoors, he greatly enjoys the opportunity to share outdoor skills and the benefits of lightweight backpacking with youth. His service as Scoutmaster and the blessing of being a father of four young children, all of whom backpack, hike and camp frequently afford lots of opportunities to teach others.

Home: Denver, CO

Age: 31

Outdoor Organization Involvement: Scoutmaster, Den Leader, and District Volunteer at Boy Scouts of America | CDT Trail Adopter

Favorite Training Grounds: Foothills outside Denver, Colorado. Denver brings close proximity to lots of great places to hike and luckily training grounds abound. Rocky Mountain Park is a particular favorite.

Current Plans: Looking to complete the four pass loop in Aspen, Colorado as an individual goal. Also planning to: Hold monthly backpacking trips of increasing difficulty with the family. Preparing for a thru-hike of the Colorado Trail as a family in the next 5 years! And attend several high adventure trips with boy scout groups.

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