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Barefoot Jake currently lives on an organic farm in Port Angeles, Wa. As far back as he can remember he’s had an obsession with the outdoors, and in particular, the Olympic National Park. This is the primary reason keeping him in this area. There are not many regions one can traverse the alpine in the morning and be curled up next to a beach fire later that night watching the sunset.

Jake has been backpacking off and on nearly his whole life. It wasn’t until the last 5 years when it transitioned from a hobby to a lifestyle. At the start of that time period he discovered the Original Vibram Five Finger while browsing the internet and in that day orders only came straight from the manufacturer.

Barefoot originally had no intention of ever wearing the goofy looking things in public. Only to be worn in a gym as part of his strength training regimen. One day he had a wild idea to go on a short day hike with them on my feet and he never enjoyed the trail so much in my life. It was like he could enhance what he was experiencing in nature.

After many years of training his feet, he has since crossed the Olympic National Park numerous times, both wearing a pair of minimalist Vibram Five Finger KSO Treksports. As far as we are aware, he is the only one to have accomplished this wearing Vibram Five Fingers or any other type of minimalist footwear.

Barefoot Jake has since fallen in love with wearing an open foot huarache. Something about having exposed feet in nature, enhances my wilderness experience. He also enjoy skin to ground barefoot running and hiking. He claims the purest form is the the most enjoyable in a controlled environment.

In the last 3 years he has really been focusing on lightening up his pack weight. He seems to shave some ounces with each passing week. He loves the fact that there are great resources online to help him make his own gear.

Home: Port Angeles, WA

Age: 33


Outdoor Organization Involvement: Coach at Fitness and Stride

Favorite Training Ground:  Olympic National Park. In the winter I enjoy trail running and long distance valley hiking.  I also enjoy the coast this time of year.  Keeps me in shape to enjoy the alpine in the summer months.

Current Plans:  I enjoy looking at maps in the winter, then plotting custom hiking routes for when the snow melts. I Spend late spring, summer, and autumn with a pack on my back, walking on and off the trial. I also work to improve my writing and do a lot of photography. My website is my biggest project and I strive to give that my 100%.

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