Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker

Andrew began hiking and camping since he was a child, but is also an avid runner, cyclist and photographer. Early on, Andrew mainly did shorter trips or stayed local in the UK with a much heavier kit which included a tent he received as a gift made from a parachute. It had wooden poles and leaked like a sieve. Since then he has updated to a much lighter system and has explored the Pyrenees and Alps including the GR10 and GR11. He always tries to get in a trip to Scotland and this year (2015) will be his 10th TGO Challenge.

Why do I hill walk? For me it is a cathartic experience. And the freedom and beauty of this planet never ceases to have me in awe.


Home: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Age: 60

WebsiteFast Track to Nowhere in Particular

Outdoor Organization Involvement:

Favorite Training Ground: Favorite areas are really anywhere not spoilt by man near me in the UK. I hike in the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales, Wales & Scotland, but also flatter trails like North Norfolk Coast Path, Peddars Way, and Icknield Way. The English Lake District is my overall favorite place to hike.

Favorite Pack: Gorilla but close behind is the Mariposa

I Never Hit the Trail Without: A map and compass for sure. I also always bring my Galaxy Note 2 Phone as it has everything on it including music. My Camera, a Fuji X20, always comes as well.

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