June 23

Brand Ambassador Gear List – Arlette “Apple Pie” Laan

Continuing our series on what’s in our Brand Ambassador’s packs, one of our new Ambassadors, Arlette “Apple Pie” Laan shares her gear list for her spring hike of the Hayduke Trail.

Arlette “Apple Pie” Laan

The Hayduke is one of the more challenging long distance trails I’ve hiked. There was hardly ever any actual trail to follow. I was mostly walking and scrambling in washes and canyons and when I was up higher it was often exposed terrain where a slip could be fatal.

Walking Tapeats ledges in the Grand Canyon
Sunrise in the Grand Canyon

There are no trail markers. Sometimes there would be cairns to follow but most of the times I had to pay close attention to the terrain and my maps. The track on my Gaia GPS made things a bit easier but in actuality I still had to pick which ledge to walk on and what boulder to scramble over.

Scrambling around a pouroff

There was also early snowmelt and high water because of rain which made some of the narrows challenging. Feet would become numb fording many cold streams and I found myself swimming in freezing water of the East Fork of the Virgin River to get around a boulder choked section.

On the flanks of Mt Ellen
Climbing the water pocket fold, stormy sky over Lake Powell

Luckily I had the company of two other hikers there as opposed to when I found myself in the Bull Valley Gorge trying to get up and over slippery boulders standing in cold knee deep water or sinking in mud. I surprised myself by managing the canyoneering moves required, hauling my pack out with a rope and making it out safely.

Dark Canyon
At Wire pass

Going a bit early in the season (start date March 1) the nights were freezing cold for most of the trip and there was the occasional snow storm. This meant that I had to carry more gear to keep me warm. The Mariposa backpack was perfect for carrying it all.

Zion NP
Finish at Lee Pass (Zion extension).

Gearweight carried (oz)weight worn (oz)
Gossamer Gear Mariposa35
Sea to Summit pack liner4
Six Moon Design Lunar solo 25.3
Z-rest (minus two sections)11.6
Gossamer Gear Polycryo Groundsheet1.5
Saywer Squeeze filter plus syringe4.3
Stuff sacks x 33.7
Montbell Down Hugger34
Merino wool long sleeve5.3
Patagonia Houdini3.6
Smart wool long johns6.5
Owl buff1
Icebreaker wool bra2
Silk dress2.8
Frogg Togg rain suit10
Champion compression shorts2.6
Patagonia down jacket 9.2
Lightweight wool gloves1.9
OR over mitts3.4
Injinji socks 2 pairs1.61.6
Thick sleeping socks4.5
Down booties5.3
Monster hat3.3
Hydro socks2.9
Suntactics 5 solar panel7.3
2 pairs of sunglasses2.1
Petzl head lamp3
Titanium spork0.3
Titanium cup 600ml2.8
P cord 3.5
Inreach explorer7
Lumix camera17.6
Universal back up battery4.3
misc chargers/cords4.5
Diva cup0.6
First Aid kit5
mp3 player2
Teva Tirra Sandals18
Altra King MT19.6
Back pack buddies sock dolls1.1
Iphone 66.7
Maps guidebook pages etc
Leki Trekking Poles18