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Clever Hiker – November, 2013

 Gossamer Gear Gorilla Backpack Review by Dave Collins
The Gossamer Gear Gorilla is a fantastic backpack. It’s light, comfortable, tough, and appropriately priced. GG clearly spent a lot of time designing every detail of this pack and it really shows. I feel very comfortable recommending this backpack to any lightweight backpacker.

Backpacker Magazine –  May 2012

Gear Review: Gossamer Gear Gorilla Ultralight Backpack by Annette McGivney
Most versitile ultralight backpack – Are you a part-time ultralighter? This chameleon pack lets you strip away features (and weight) for the ultimate UL experience, then add them back for trips when heavier loads or rougher terrain make you wish for more stability and comfort.

MSNBC – May 12, 2011

Ultra-lightweight camping: Carry less, do more – by Jessica Glazer
A good current overview of UL camping with a mention of Gossamer Gear

Austin American Statesman – November 1, 2010

“Lighten Up” by Pamela Le Blanc
Gossamer Gear president interviewed along with a general description of the UL way to backpack

The New York Times – August 9, 2009

“How To Get Out in the Woods (and Survive the Bears!)” by Nicholas D. Kristof
Gossamer Gear mentioned as a major provider of ultralight equipment

The New York Times – August 8, 2009

“How to Recharge Your Soul” by Nicholas D. Kristof
G4 is mentioned in the article as one of 10 ways to make your backpacking experience better.

The Great Outdoors (UK) – March 2007

“Walking Around the Alps” by Judy Armstrong
Mariposa™ and Nightlight pad listed as gear used on her Alpine Challenge

Backpacker Magazine – March 2005

Gear Guide by Staff
Lightrek poles featured in article as a third of the weight of the next lightest trekking poles.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine – December/January

Lightrek poles and Ultralight-Sports fingertip toothbrush garnered “Best of Adventure 2004” awards.

Backpacker Magazine – August 2003

Placed in the “Ultralight Smackdown”, mentioned in “Battle of the Flyweights”

Adventure 16’s Footprints Magazine – Spring/Summer 2003

“Guru of Lightness” – Peter Jensen
“Lean, tall, clad in his hiking clothing from head to toe and carrying an alarmingly simple pack, Glen Van Peski of Carlsbad strides into a room…” “As he unpacks… [he] makes it clear that he really has entered a realm of Extreme Lightness of Being.”

New York Times – July 13, 2003

“On the Trail, With the Clothes On Your Back and Little More” by James Gorman.
Glen Van Peski was featured in the article

The Great Outdoors (UK) – August 2002

G4 pack reviewed by Chris Townsend. “It makes ultralight packs look heavy.”

Backpacker Magazine – May 2002

G4 backpack selected by write-in ballot for the “Challenge the Editor: The Ultralight Report – I saw the Light”

National Geographic Adventure Magazine – March 2002

“Brian Robinson: ultra-ultra-ultralight hiker” by Katie McDowell
G4 backpack featured in article

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine – August 2001

“Unburden Thyself! – Embrace the light(weight)” by Leonard Adkins
“For it’s well-thought-out features, use of materials, and rock-bottom price, I hereby give the G4 the Leonard Adkins “Backpacking Equipment Award of the New Century”.

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