Endorsements and Awards

Ray “Wall” Greenlaw

Ray took his G5 as a summit pack to the top of Mt. Vinson, the highest point in Antarctica. Temperatures were 120 degrees below zero with wind chill.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine

The Gossamer Gear Lightrek poles and the Ultralight-Sports fingertip toothbrush garnered “Best of Adventure 2004” awards in the December/January issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

“Flyin’ Brian” Robinson

Brian purchased and used a G4 (pack no. 5) for the start of his Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2001. After meeting up with Brian at the PCT Kickoff in April, Glen made him a customized G4/G5 with three embroidered gold crowns, which he used for much of the PCT and CDT. Brian was unable to finish his historic trip with his custom pack because it got misplaced on the Greyhound Bus journey back to the AT. It later resurfaced and was returned to him.

Nimblewill Nomad

Nimblewill used a G4 for his Transcontinental Hike in 2001, and used a pack based on the G4 for his Sea to Shining Sea trek in 2002. Nimblewill holds the honor, as far as we know, of the most miles on a G4 (9,500)…and a sad-lookin’ G4 it was indeed! Nimblewill has continued to lighten his load, and took a Murmur on his 2008 thru-hike of the PCT, and used a Murmur for his 2009 thru-hike of the North Country Trail.

Ray “Wall” Greenlaw

Ray used his G4 to set the record of 83 days for a Pacific Crest Trail unsupported through-hike.

Ryan Jordan, Publisher, Backpacking Light Magazine

Ryan Jordan was one of the first customers of Glen’s, purchasing the G4. He has also used the 3.5-ounce Whisper Uberlight Pack in the past as a core component of his “SuperUltraLight” gear kit, which weighs less than four pounds for summer backpacking in the Northern U.S. Rocky Mountains of Montana and Wyoming (e.g., Tetons, Winds, Yellowstone, Glacier).

Carol Crooker

Carol Crooker included her G5 in her prize-winning ultralight gear list to win the BackpackingLight.com gear list contest.

Backpacker Magazine

Selected by write-in ballot for the “Challenge the Editor: The Ultralight Report – I saw the Light” May 2002. Placed in the “Ultralight Smackdown” August 2003

Blue Ridge Outdoors

G4 awarded the Leonard Adkins “Backpacking Equipment of the New Century” Award. August 2001

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